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At OG Cannabis, our mission is to revolutionize the retail cannabis experience by providing unparalleled customer satisfaction and exceptional value. We are committed to sourcing the finest cannabis products in the state of Maine, ensuring that our customers have access to the highest quality and meet their unique needs and desires. We believe that the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to guiding and educating our customers, ensuring that they feel empowered to make informed decisions. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where customers can explore, discover, and connect with the diverse world of cannabis.

We are passionate about curating a wide selection of products that cater to all preferences and lifestyles. From carefully cultivated flower strains to innovative concentrates, edibles, and topicals, we handpick every item to guarantee our customers have access to the best and most exciting options available.

At OG Cannabis, we value the trust our customers place in us and are committed to exceeding their expectations. We continually evolve and adapt to the ever-changing cannabis landscape, staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging innovations.

Through a combination of exceptional service, top-notch products, and a genuine passion for cannabis, we strive to become the go-to destination for all cannabis enthusiasts in Southern Maine and the surrounding areas.  Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the cannabis retail experience, one customer at a time.

Welcome to OG Cannabis Maine! The Way Leaf Should Be…

TOP 10 Reasons to choose OG Cannabis

  1. Simple and Efficient – Our store makes the shopping experience easy by grouping products based on desired intent and usage experience.
  2. Safety – OG ensures that all products have been third party tested for quality before they become OG CERTIFIED.
  3. Location, Location, Location – OG is located minutes from (95, NH and MA) and is far cheaper than our competitors in Massachusetts.  Click here for Directions.
  4. Privacy – Located on our own street, surrounded by Maine’s beautiful landscape.
  5. Unbiased – We are retail ONLY!  We source only the best Maine has to offer rather than oversell our own product.  
  6. Pricing – We work with independent manufacturers to ensure we have the best in market pricing.
  7. Vibe – A one-of-a-kind, state of the art dispensary designed for Adults.
  8. Education – We know the benefits of using cannabis.  Let us share with you the possibilities of what it is like to get a great night’s sleep, recover after a workout, get your creative juices flowing, or just have a an entertaining time with friends or family.
  9. Staff – Our staff understands that there are many types of customers, the expert connoisseur, the returning user, and the inexperienced customer looking for help.  Preferences are as unique as our selection, and we will point you in the right direction.
  10. True Retail – When you walk into OG you will know exactly where to go within 5 seconds.  Our store flow allows for a quick in-and-out, yet is inviting where you may want to hang out for a while.  Whatever your preference is, we fit all molds.  We are an adult recreational store designed for adults and their busy schedules. 

Our OG Story:

Established in 2023, OG was born out of the passion to share the benefits of cannabis and a commitment to creating a positive, educational, and enjoyable environment for our customers. Our founders envisioned a space where the exploration of cannabis is not just a transaction but an experience – an experience that brings people together, where everyone feels comfortable, sparks creativity, and enhances the joy in everyday life.

OG: Elevate Your Experience

Welcome to OG Cannabis, your premier destination for adult-use recreational cannabis in the heart of southern Maine. Here at OG, we strive to redefine the way you experience cannabis, offering a curated selection of top-quality, OG Certified products for safety and quality while providing a welcoming atmosphere that caters to both seasoned enthusiasts and educating those new to the world of cannabis.

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Embark on a new era of cannabis exploration at OG Cannabis. Located at 18 American Way, Eliot, Maine, our doors are open to all adults seeking a premium and enjoyable cannabis experience. Elevate your moments with OG Cannabis – where quality, variety, education, and community converge to create a haven for cannabis enthusiasts like you.

OG Cannabis: Elevate Your Experience, The Way Leaf Should Be.


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