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Brand: Blue Sky

Blue Sky Rocket Pre-Roll w/Star Dust Lusty Lady 1.25 G


Lusty Ladys flavor is rich and sweet with notes of berry grape and lavender.

Lusty Ladys high is super chill and relaxed. The head feels light alleviated cleansed of the muck building up throughout the day. While there is some stimulation of the senses this is not an engaging bud and there is no burst of energy or call to action. Lusty Lady leaves its user content satisfied chill a bit lightly dazed in the head and completely at ease in the body.

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About the brand :
Blue Sky

Blue Skys priority is to provide clean quality and tested products to their customers while continuing to push the limits of what is possible with cannabis. They operate a C1D1 certified extraction facility and have developed multiple proprietary processes which have led them to products they could once only dream about. In addition to growing and extracting their products they process for other Maine companies. All products are thoroughly tested before leaving the lab. Blue Sky has two stores located in their hometown of Farmington Maine; one recreational (21+) and one medical store . At each location they strive to provide the highest quality products available in each market as well as everything they offer from their lab.

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