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Brand: Southie Adams

Southie Adams Gummies Sour Guava 100 MG


Pucker up These THC edibles are for those who prefer a scintillating experience when consuming their bites. Each chew is infused with precise doses of cannabis oil made from our premium sun-grown flower. These sours are a great choice for a long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Southies Edibles are delicately dosed & potent enough for all to enjoy.

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About the brand :
Southie Adams

Inspired by dreams of tranquility and a profession in the freedom of thought Southie Adams humbly hails from the streets of South Boston. A hybrid of both pilgrim and prophet Southie summons the serene spirit of full spectrum cannabinoids. His revolution is here and Southie is correcting the stigmas imposed on the entrepreneurs of this beloved craft.

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