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Brand: Wynk

Wynk 1:1 Black Cherry Fizz 12 OZ

WYNK Black Cherry Fizz is a refreshing seltzer infused with a tasty tang of ripe black cherries and of course a WYNK of THC and CBD. With its perfectly balanced ratio of (2.5mg THC/2.5mg CBD) you can expect a light bubbly buzz in 10-15 minutes. And the black cherry on top WYNK has zero calories zero sugar and zero alcohol so you can hang tonight or any night without the dreaded alcohol hangover tomorrow. While you may have experienced some inconsistency with edibles our nanoemulsion technology creates a predictably smooth onset while drinking WYNK that youll feel in 10-15 minutes. The effect lasts around 60-90 minutes for an enjoyable vibe without leaving you groggy or tired.

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A microdose of relaxation sans hangover. Drink up chill out and expect a light buzz in about 20 minutes. Refreshing all natural flavors sparkling with the essence of tempting fruit.

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